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Let us even out the gender balance and make her a laydee troll.

This is a troll who has never fulfilled any of her promise.   She regards herself an artist of some kind, (or maybe a musician  or a writer).  She might even be reasonably good at what she does.  When I say reasonably good, I mean, she got an O level in it and thought that was enough to prepare her for a life of success.

She would love to make a living at her art but instead has to do a job, a boring job, in an office and bitterly resents ANYONE in her chosen field who gets any attention for their work.  She knows it should be her being interviewed on Front Row, featuring in the art magazines, being lauded all over the world, selling her work to millionaires.  She simmers with the injustice of it all.  She has painted one thing this year; a self-portrait that she took six months imagining.  She posts it on-line in facebook, where all her work friends and aunties gather round and say “WOW, That’s amAzing! Do you know you’re REALLY talented?”

The internet has enhanced her life no end.  Once, after letting a friend know that a piece of his carefully crafted work was “OK” (she actually thought it was brilliant, but was so incensed that she hadn’t thought of it herself) the crestfallen look on his face gave her such thrill that she had to find a way to do that again.  Now she can login as “Artemesia” and take it out on other artists and their appreciators, the ones who bare their souls on-line.

Her special troll-talent is that of lying in wait in comment boxes and forums, waiting for a dozen or so comments exalting a piece of work by an artist, musician or writer before putting the boot in with a curt “meh”.

Or “SO mediocre.”

Or “I saw this done years ago… and better.”

Or “I realise mediocrity sells, but I thought better of the people on THIS site.”

Or just, “REALLY???????”

If challenged, she will disappear into the shadows, knowing that her knowledge of the arts doesn’t need investigation… it’s that tiny.

She is still doing her boring office job.

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  1. Sounds like an ex of mine. 😀