viagra on Flickr” href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/unkemptwomen/6233573335/”>troll26She’s 12, so you can’t be angry with her for too long.  She is an unmalicious troll, but still profoundly irritating.

She just LOVES Justin Bieber, although love is not a strong enough word. If she thought it would get her closer to Justin, she’d throw ALL her guinea pigs in the bin and set light to them.

At school, her friends are (openly) into the indie stuff (covertly several of them are maniacal Beliebers as well), so she really can’t talk about Justin much, which is hard for her, as 98% of her thoughts belong to the Bieber.

However, to compensate, she wears a Justin necklace and, in the winter, a Justin t-shirt under her school uniform. She saved up to buy her Justin knickers (one pair for each day of the week) which no-one else is allowed to wash but her.

When she gets home from school, she dedicates her entire evening and weekend to biebervangelism on-line.  She’ll start with facebook, find some links to drop into all her friends’ laps, then she’ll go to youtube and find videos of the Bieb to lyrically cream over: “OMFG JUSTIN I LOVE YOU! JUSTIN!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3” …. until she spots a dissenter (who may well also be of the trollish persuasion, eg. “Justin Beiber SUX HAAAARD”).  She will click on the dissenter’s avatar to go and see where else he has blasphemed, and, still not quite getting how it all works, she will leave more ludicrous bieberlicious messages everywhere on youtube that the dissenter has been, whether the video or the original comment has the remotest thing to do with the JB or not.

The bieberdissenter and she will duel it out for a while, until the dissenter gets tired and goes to bed (well, it IS 9.30pm) but our troll has worked herself into a bieberfrenzy and blasts the net for the next two or three hours with insane and inane gibberish about the godlike qualities of Justin bloody Bieber, be it a fashion website for tweens, or an article in the Washington Post about the dire economic straits we’re in.

Luckily, we just have to wait a few months for her to get over this…

Unfortunately, she then gets straight into La Bloody Gaga.

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  1. Jake1999

    I thank whoever I feel like thanking that I have boys lol