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I have to come clean and say that there is one kind of troll that does make me laugh. Although he is a bit of smarmy git, order and may start to believe that his fame ON the internet (which is considerable) equates fame OFF the internet and gets a bit carried away with it all, Smug-o (his handle since he was six years old, because he’s been on the net for longer than YOU) does DO funny internet.

He’s a total geek, but a geek with fairly good looks, charm and a reasonable amount of self-adulation.  He will insist upon wearing unbearably smug tshirts and annoying flat caps and those glasses, though, which make many of us want to hate him.

He tries to only troll people who deserve it.

This is the troll who, upon numerous callouts on a student forum from lazy students who can’t be bothered to read the book for English 101, posts a fake précis and sample questions in the forum for them to crib from.  If the set text was “Of Mice and Men”, the précis makes George an evil mobster and Lennie his glamourous, machine-gun toting girlfriend, on a rampage through 1930s Wyoming, who realize, during a prolonged murder spree, that buddhism is what they’re missing in their lives.  He lies in wait for the resulting enraged emails from the twits who followed his précis, once they’ve failed their paper and been kicked off the course, and then posts them for our amusement.

This is the troll who responds to a request by a large corporation for payment of 25p (that arrived franked as first class, in a very expensive envelope and printed on luxuriously thick paper) with something ludicrous as an offer of payment… maybe a first class stamp or a packet of sweets worth much more than the 25p, all of which will certainly be rejected.  If he can get a correspondence going in which he can act the jackass and suck some poor sucker in and reduce them to gibbering wrecks, he will publish it… for our amusement.

He WILL make you laugh.
He IS still a troll.
You’re just going to have to live with that.

“Cool Furry Octopus” will be the name of his first child.




  1. Stephen M

    I think I just bought a pair of ‘Those glasses’. Oh dear.

  2. The too tight t-shirts are down to his inability to figure out the settings on the dryer. Also, what Smug-o will never publicly admit is that he is secretly married to his Mac whom he hope will bear him Cool Furry Octopus. I kid you not.

  3. DMT

    Okay not only do I know someone who acts like that IRL he also looks like that, where did you say you live again?

  4. Anonymous

    down the end of your street

  5. Bauke

    Two of the biggest examples: and .

  6. lucypepper


  7. DMT

    Thanks for those links man it’s been ages since I’ve laughed so hard