what is trollologist?

Trollologist is where I collect trolls, ask irritating internauts, and assorted internet pests.

Strictly speaking, an internet troll is a sometimes mischievous, sometimes bloody minded, sometimes downright nasty pain in the neck who seeks people out on-line to wind up, flame, get into a row with, take the piss out of or stalk and all this just for the hell of it and to show off to their “friends”, the other trolls. They are mostly harmless, but can still ruin you day if you’re not expecting them.  If you know what they’re about, their blow is softened and you can laugh them off for the sad, irritating little people that they really are.

The internet is also rife with other pests, as catalogued here, and it is useful to be aware of them so you can defend yourself, your wits and your sense of humour from them.

I am constantly updating the catalogue, so stick this in your feedreader to get any new trolls and pests of the internet.

click a troll, any troll:


  1. Martin

    I like these a lot, I have a teenager and two under twenty fives, there is whole unbelievable set of troll characters out there that seem to populate their world. Look forward to you breaching the teenage talk language barriers one day

  2. Bozoboz

     I was tormented by a Nigerian troll for months – the troll phenomenon knows no boundaries. Why no black, brown or Asian faces in this line up? Does the artist believe only whites – now a minority of net uses – can bear this ignominious label?

  3. Mira

    Are all trolls pale skinned? Just curious…

  4. Paul Duxbury

    Like a box of assorted chocolates. I tried one but they were so more-ish I had to gobble them all down at one sitting. You missed out the Amerikan Patriot trolls who descend on the Guardian, wrapped in a stars and stripes avatar, whenever there’s an article they find disparaging to the USA.

  5. lucypepper

    🙂 I can’t believe I have forgotten that one, thanks for reminding me… they’re the ones who always end up with “We saved your asses from Hitler, you ungrateful bastards!”
    Stay tuned!

  6. LOL! But, really serious warning information, too. Many thanks. Now that we can recognize them, we’ll know how to remain safe and secure. I’m assuming this is a Work in Progress and that it will be updated regularly as more species are uncovered. For example, how about the “Sand-Box Crapper”? or the nasty, Dear Miss Toady?

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